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Plough Trenching

Plough trenching is a method used for laying of copper or optic cables regardless of distance. The process involves altering the surface structure of the soil by digging the trench, laying the cables and refilling with soil again.

This technology is used in the situations where this method is considered to be safe to the environment and where there are no roads, watercourses or other structures that could interfere in the process.

At JR & LM Trackson we have optic fibre plough dozers with certified ‘zero tensioners’ and we have the possibility to transport and operate our equipment in any area.

General Trenching

JR & LM Trackson provides general trenching services for heavy duty or long distance trenches, also in areas with little or no existing services. The technology we are using allows us to dig trenches up to a depth of 1,8 m and a width of 300 mm.

Trenching Capabilities

Our V8550A trencher is a reliable machine for performing the most challenging works. It features a powerful 90 HP Cummins engine, automatic ground-drive for back-filling and transport, a backfill blade with floating position, planetary axles and patented creep-override.

Besides other key qualities, the V8550A also has a large fuel tank which ensures many hours of operation without interruption or the need for extensive maintenance, making this machinery the perfect solution for performing tough jobs. It can dig down to 1,7 m deep in different trench widths.

Our fleet also includes several Dingoes with various attachments and a fully equipped Bobcat.

Other Trenching Capabilities

Whether you have a large trenching work or a small size project, Trackson Horizontal Drilling has the knowledge and the machinery to do it. We work both with specialized machines and with convectional ones and we are therefore able to satisfy all our customers’ needs.

By Ken Wilder

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