JR & LM Trackson Pty Ltd provides the following services:

Cable Installation

We provide comprehensive cable installation services throughout Queensland and remote regions, primarily through direct or indirect contracts with Telstra, government departments, commercial developers and other service providers.

Directional Drilling

We specialise in end-to-end project management of directional drilling contracts for the communications, water, electricity and gas industries. Horizontal directional drilling is used extensively for the installation, relocation and reinstallation of cables and pipes, as it minimises disruption to surface operations and structures.

Plough Trenching

Plough trenching is used in projects where it is deemed it will have no negative environmental impact and where little or no infrastructure exists, ensuring that there are no surface or traffic structures which may be disrupted. Used for laying copper and optic fibre cable over any distance, plough trenching is a surface trenching process in which the surface structure is ‘pre-ripped’ (creating the trench), the cable is positioned and the trench is back-filled.

General Trenching

JR & LM Trackson undertakes general trenching work with a Vermeer 85x50a for contracts requiring long distance and/or heavy duty trenches in situations where there are no existing services. General trenches can be dug up to 1.8m deep and up to 300mm wide.

General Excavation and Earthmoving

Excavation and earthmoving services are provided as part of trenching contracts as well as on a standalone basis. We own, operate and maintain a range of excavation and earthmoving equipment, including tippers, front end loaders, water trucks, bobcats, forklifts, and dingos, with load capacities ranging from 1.5 tonnes to 22.5 tonnes.

Location Services

JR & LM Trackson is able to provide qualified personnel and equipment to assist in the location of pre-identified underground services to scope and design directional drilling and excavation contracts, i.e. cable locators, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), pothole trucks.


JR & LM Trackson completes a considerable amount of work for Telstra and Telstra-associated projects in South Australia, Northern Territory, and New South Wales and throughout regional and metropolitan areas in Queensland. We perform “Recoverable Works” and “Access Services” for the communications industry.

Our services to Telstra and Telstra customers via direct and indirect contracts include full contract management and performance services to Telstra accredited “Industry Specialists”, including, but not limited to, the drawing and design, scoping, construction and cabling, performance and supervision of the contract works.

Project Management

Together with the equipment and specialist in-house skills, we have the project management expertise and capability to manage end-to-end projects. This includes scoping, designing, planning, implementing, managing and monitoring all contracts, including key activities such as stakeholder and risk management. These capabilities remove the requirement for clients to engage specialist Project Managers to manage contracts.

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