Optical Fibre Installation By Trackson Horizontal Drilling

Optical fibre installation can be handled many ways from trenching and laying cable in the open trench to ploughing the fibre with a dozer,  the plough must have the on-board computer to allow for zero tension off the cable being ploughed after all the fibre is only glass.

Optical fibre installation near Rainbow Beach, Queensland

Optic fibre installation plough dozer at work near Rainbow Beach

Tracksons has cable hauling winches suitable for any size copper or optic fibre cable whether it be your domestic 2 pair or electrical cables, we have two winch trucks and a trailer winch,  all winches are certified and operated by fully accredited staff.  

The large winch is capable off winching communication cables up to 2400 pair, the smaller winches are mainly used for optic fibre hauling.

All winches have a preset tension calibration system so as to safeguard the internal components of the cable being hauled.

5kN Fibre Optic Winch is designed to be mounted on the back of a TOYOTA Land Cruiser and has a 1300mm diameter Capstan.

It is possible to tilt the capstan through 90″ angle, the operator is seated behind the capstan and can accurately set the line pull rate and display the speed and distance by a digital display.

5kN Fibre Optic Winch – Trailer Mounted

This unit is practically identical to the truck mounted version except there is no operators seat. All line pull and tilt angle is set at the operators cubicle.

During winch operation there is a foot control provided to control the speed and direction of the capstan which means the operators hands are free to guide the fibre optic cable. This eliminates one person from the team.

By Ken Wilder

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