General Services

General Excavation and Earth Moving

Excavation and earth moving services are provided as part of trenching contracts as well as on a standalone basis.

JR & LM Trackson own, operate and maintain a range of excavation and earth moving equipment including tippers, front end loaders, water trucks, bobcats, forklifts, and dingos with load capacities ranging from 3 tonnes to 22.5 tonnes.

Location Services

Tracksons are able to provide qualified personnel and equipment to assist in the location of pre-identified underground services to scope and design directional drilling and excavation contracts.

Plant Hire

With an extensive and comprehensive cabling, drilling, earth moving and excavation suite of equipment, JR & LM Trackson provides plant and equipment hire services to other contractors when equipment is not being deployed on JR & LM Trackson contracts.

By Ken Wilder

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