Optical Fibre Installation is Our Specialty

There are different ways to install optical fibre. One is to excavate a trench and lay the cables in it. Another one is to plough the fibre with the help of a dozer. In this case, it is extremely important that there is no tension on the cable, since it is made only of glass, therefore an on-board computer is needed for monitoring the process.

Optical Fibre Installation

Optical Fibre Installation

Optical Fibre Installation

At Tracksons we have all the necessary equipment for cable hauling, whether is copper or optical fibre cable, in any sizes. The company owns two winch trucks and a trailer winch and employs fully accredited personnel for operating them.

Optical Fibre Installation Land Cruiser

Optical Fibre Installation Land Cruiser

All our winches ensure safe operation and guarantee no damages will occur to the internal parts of the cable which is hauled with the help of a modern preset calibration system.

We use the small winches for optical fibre, while the large winch is generally used for bigger communication cables, up to 2400 pair.

The small winch, the 5kN Fibre Optic Winch, with a capstan of 1300 mm, can fit in the back of a Toyota Land Cruiser.

This model has an operator seat behind the capstan, which can be tilted at an angle of 90 degrees.

A digital display allows the operator to set the line pull rate and provides information on the speed and distance.

5kN Fibre Optic Winch – Trailer Mounted

Optical Fibre Installation, Trailer Mounted

The only difference between this version and the one which is mounted on a truck is that the trailer mounted winch doesn’t have an operator seat.

The system is very efficient allowing one person to perform different operations at the same time.

The line pull and tilt angle is set by the operator.

There is a foot control which gives control to the operator on the speed and direction of the capstan, so in the same time he can use his hands to direct the fibre optic cable.

By Ken Wilder


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