Management & Staffing

JR & LM Trackson Pty Ltd is a privately held company, owned and operated by Jeff & Linda Trackson.

Both directors are active within the business, with Jeff managing the operations of the company and Linda managing the back-office functions.

Jeff and Linda are supported by a General Manager as well as a team of project managers, specialist service managers, a dedicated QA and OH&S manager and an internal administration and accounts department.

The team at JR & LM Trackson is highly skilled, with many years of combined experience in the directional drilling and cabling.

The daily operations and management of contracts is performed by the General Manager who is supported by a team of

  • Project Managers, a
  • QA and OH&S Manager, a
  • Workshop Manager, and a
  • Specialist Drilling Manager

High staff retention ensures high quality and levels of consistency of works performed, and consistent application of and adherence to company policies and procedures.

The strong relationships developed between our Project Managers and our clients, have enabled us to earn an outstanding reputation which, in turn, enables us to retain and attract the best staff.

Contract works are headed by a dedicated Contract Project Manager and are carried out by a pool of permanent and contract workers who are closely managed and supervised by the relevant Contract Project Manager. Longstanding relationships with sub-contractors ensure consistent quality of all work undertaken.

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