JR & LM Trackson Pty Ltd

JR & LM Trackson Pty Ltd has two depot addresses: Mourilyan (south of Innisfail) and Cairns. The head office is located at the Mourilyan depot, along with the primary workshop and equipment & supplies warehouse.

The second depot, in Cairns, hosts a small administration team together with the secondary workshop and equipment & supplies warehouse. It is from these two locations that the contracts are managed, operated and serviced. Details of the two depots are below:


Located 12km south of Innisfail, the depot is situated on approximately one hectare of land. The depot comprises the head office, a fully equipped workshop, vehicle inspection centre,
plant & equipment servicing centre and inventory warehouse.

The Mourilyan depot services and maintains all plant, equipment and vehicles deployed on contracts in the Innisfail and remote regional areas.

Inventory stores at the Mourilyan depot include stock and consumables required for contracts, as well as stock and consumables required for the maintenance and servicing of equipment and vehicles, maximising the efficiency of contract operations by minimising delays caused by stock acquisition.


The Cairns depot is situated on approximately 2,300 m2 in the south side industrial estate. The depot comprises a small administration centre, workshop, warehouse and plant storage

The Cairns depot services and maintains plant & equipment deployed on Cairns based contracts.

A working inventory of materials and consumables is sourced from the Mourilyan depot and stored in Cairns, again maximising contract efficiency by minimising delays and lags related
to acquisition of inventory.


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