Jeffrey (Jeff) Trackson

Jeffrey (Jeff) Trackson, Director and General Manager of JR & LM Trackson Pty Ltd, started his first business in 1987 as a plumbing contractor to the expanding building industry in Innisfail.

With a keen eye for opportunities, Jeff has continuously improved his business, maximising on opportunities that presented themselves and responding quickly to changes and developments in local and regional industry.

Through his association with the building industry, Jeff identified an increasing demand for infrastructure works in the region and so expanded his plumbing business to include infrastructure services – from plant & equipment hire to servicing and maintenance.

In 1999, Jeff and Linda Trackson incorporated their business and focussed their business on the growing infrastructure support contracting that they now specialise in. JR & LM Trackson Pty Ltd has acquired substantial plant and equipment which enables the business to effectively and efficiently specialise in directional drilling and underground pipe and cable installation services.

Over the past year or two JR & LM Trackson Pty Ltd have been prominent in many major regional infrastructure contracts for Telstra, Ergon, Main Roads and local and regional developers, working in environmentally sensitive, historically significant and heavy traffic locations throughout North Queensland.

The quality and service standards of the work performed by JR & LM Trackson Pty Ltd have earned the company an enviable and extremely solid reputation as contractor of choice for directional drilling and underground pipe and cable installation projects in the region.

JR & LM Trackson Pty Ltd has successfully completed both small and large contracts in the Far North and North Queensland regions. Historically the geographical focus of the business has been on relatively local projects, however with the ability to service remote regions of Australia, the business is in the process of tendering for more remote geographical contracts.

By Ken Wilder

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