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The team at JRLMT is highly skilled, with many years of combined experience in the directional drilling and cabling. The daily operations and management of contracts is performed by the General Manager who is supported by a team of Project Managers, a QA and OH&S Manager, a Workshop Manager and a specialist Drilling Manager.

The team of project and specialist managers has increased over the last 13 years. High staff retention ensures high quality and levels of consistency of works performed and consistent application of and adherence to company policies and procedures.

The longevity of senior staff ensures the successful relationships between JRLMT and each of our customers is maintained. Through the strong relationships developed between our Project Managers and our clients, we have been able to earn the outstanding reputation which, in turn, enables us to retain and attract the best staff.

Contract works are headed by a dedicated Contract Project Manager and are carried out by a pool of permanent and contract workers who are closely managed and supervised by the relevant Contract Project Manager.


JRLMT has access to an extensive pool of reliable network of sub-contractors that extends beyond the permanent employees retained directly by the company.

Subcontractors are engaged on contracts where specialist services and skills are required that are outside the expertise of the JRLMT team, as well as in circumstances where the JRLMT team are fully deployed on simultaneous contracts.

JRLMT engages subcontractors across a diverse range of skills. Many of the subcontractors we retain have worked with us for many years. All subcontracted works continue to be actively managed by our Project Managers, who ensure the high quality service and standards that apply to works undertaken by our own crews.

Land Access

JRLMT has been engaged on a number of projects in which Land Access has played a major and critical role.  These sites may be culturally sensitive (Indigenous land), environmentally sensitive (National Parks and World Heritage sites) or historically significant.

Our in-house project managers have the requisite expertise and capabilities to identify projects and instances which require explicit Land Access and have the experience and relationships necessary to streamline and expedite the Land Access management activities, ensuring positive outcomes for all relevant stakeholders.


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