The pool of resources to which the company has access extends beyond those employed and retained directly by the company to an extensive, reliable network of sub-contractors.

Most sub-contractors used by JR & LM Trackson have been working with the company for many years which has enabled strong working relationships to be built. The strength of these relationships mean that

JR & LM Trackson are able to easily identify which sub-contractor is most appropriate for each project (where sub-contract work is necessary), in terms of skills and availability. Over the past 8 years, JR & LM Trackson has built an extensive network of reliable, high quality sub-contractors.

Subcontractors are engaged on contracts where specialist services and skills are required that are outside the expertise of the JR & LM Trackson Pty Ltd team, as well as in circumstances where the JR & LM Trackson Pty Ltd team are fully deployed on simultaneous contracts.

JR & LM Trackson Pty Ltd engages subcontractors across a diverse range of skills.

Contract Management

JR & LM Trackson follows well-defined contract management procedures. While individual teams may vary across contracts, the processes and procedures employed are consistent. This process is defined in the JR & LM Trackson Pty Ltd QA manual.

The overall management of contracts across the business is the responsibility of General Manager who oversees the progress of each project, is across the risks and issues relevant for each project and actively participates in any risk management and issue resolution activities which arise.

Every contract has a dedicated Project Manager who leads and manages the crew. The composition of the crew will be different for each project as the requisite skills and hours vary between projects.

The Project Manager is responsible for the planning and performance of the project, and is the first point of call for the client. The Project Manager is responsible for risk and issue identification and management and in most circumstances will be able to resolve any issues that arise in a timely

The process and procedure relating to contract variations are standard across the business and are also maintained in the company’s QA manual. It is a company goal that all projects are fully scoped and costed prior to engagement, including the identification of any potential risk associated with each project, along with appropriate mitigation strategies and contingencies.

This process is designed to minimise contract variations, however, in the event that contract variations are necessary, such variations should be identified and notified to the client as soon as practical.

Material variations due to unforeseen risks and obstacles are infrequent, however may necessitate a delay in schedule until the variation is acceptable to both parties.

In the unlikely event that issues are unable to be resolved between the client and the Project Manager, issues will be escalated to the General Manager for resolution. Again, the team follows  the Issue Resolution procedures as defined in the QA manual.


Approximately 10 years of service to the industry, combined with low staff attrition at senior levels, has enabled JRLMT to build solid relationships with stakeholders across the board.


JR & LM Trackson has built strong client, council and government relationships, as well as relationships with special interest groups including environmental, cultural and historical groups.

The relationships that have been developed enable the company to openly and frankly liaise with stakeholders and to understand and anticipate the many and varying needs across the stakeholder body which is critical to ensuring positive outcomes are achieved for all.

Recent projects have necessitated access to environmentally and historically sensitive areas as well as culturally significant locations. It is to the credit of the JR & LM Trackson that these projects have been performed to a high standard, further strengthening relationships with stakeholders.


JR & LM Trackson Pty Ltd sources materials and supplies from trusted, preferred suppliers. By maintaining strong relationships with these suppliers, JR & LM Trackson is able to minimise supply lead times and ensure priority service and ordering, thereby providing as efficient a solution to clients as possible.

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