Directional and Horizontal Drilling; Cable and Pipe Installation

JR & LM  Trackson Pty.Ltd  (JRLMT) was born from a vision into the prominent Communication Industry,

JR & LM Trackson Pty Ltd provides a broad range of specialist infrastructure and associated horizontal drilling services to the telecommunications, electricity, gas, water and sewer industries, and local governments. We have the managers, personnel, plant and equipment required to complete major projects in all Queensland regions.

Based in Mourilyan, Queensland, with depots in Cairns, Beenleigh and Townsville, we are 100 per cent locally owned and operated. Furthermore we are ideally located to serve clients Queensland-wide.

JR & LM Trackson Pty Ltd was founded in 1999 by Jeffrey (Jeff) and Linda Trackson. Jeff started his first business in 1987 as a plumbing contractor to the expanding building industry in Innisfail.  Through his association with the building industry, he identified an increasing demand for infrastructure works in the region and expanded his plumbing business to include infrastructure services – from plant and equipment hire to servicing and maintenance.

JR & LM Trackson Pty Ltd has acquired substantial plant and equipment which enables the business to effectively and efficiently specialise in horizontal drill and directional drilling, as well as underground pipe and cable installation services.

By delivering high levels of customer satisfaction we have gained a solid reputation and loyal customer base which includes local government bodies, major construction companies and industrial businesses.

Our service highlights include:

  • Consistent quality and high standards in delivering infrastructure services
  • Commitment to understanding and meeting the needs of all stakeholders – including our customers, local communities, personnel, and environmental, historical and cultural groups
  • Extensive knowledge and experience made possible through the longevity of our staff
  • A strong track record and sound reputation in delivering infrastructure and associated services throughout Queensland

Complete QA, OHS and Environmental Management Systems which comply with the relevant IOS Standards.

JR & LM Trackson Pty Ltd provides underground service installations to a wide range of Government departments, Local Councils and Commercial organisations.

This includes all areas off communications, Electricity, Water, Gas we have become a market leader both in our ability and performance within the industry, entrusting the success to some sound business values and a high level of work and safety standards.

We have 45 staff that are available to install a large range of products from small house service lead-ins to long distance conduit runs, these can be either residential or country areas, we also have the expertise and capabilities to plough  cables over large distances with our VibRough plough which can plough water pipe, copper cable or optic fibre at zero tension.

All our staff are fully trained and experienced to operate our large fleet off machinery, which include directional drill rigs, excavators, ‘dozers and our environmentally safe waste disposal units.

Our company employs experienced Foremen and Quality Assurance and Occupational Health and Safety officer as well as a Training officer to over see all projects who can deal quickly with unforeseen problems our staff are also Telstra accredited to work in the Telstra network this also includes cable jointing and rearrangements.

Our company also holds EPA permits for the removal and cartage of asbestos and transportation of prescribed waste.

We have been a leader in the fields of Telecommunications Cabling and Directional Drilling since 1999. Having served many organisations over the years, we have developed good working relationships with businesses and government. We offer you services of the highest standards and at competitive rates.

We have teams located from Northern NSW through to Cape York, with offices in Beenleigh (Brisbane) Townsville, Mourilyan (Innisfail) and Cairns, and we can mobilise to any part of Australia as required. We offer an end-to-end service — from design, construction, jointing/splicing and termination of optical fibre and copper telecommunications networks.  We also install underground services for power, water, sewer and gas reticulation. Documentation regarding our services is enclosed.

JR & LM Trackson specialises in Directional Drilling and has machines that can install conduit/pipe up to 1200mm in diameter with a maximum distance of 1.5 kilometres. We also have specially equipped Zero Tension Optical Fibre Dozers that can lay cable over long distances. All of our equipment is kept in top condition and serviced in our own mechanical workshop. We are fully self contained and have a large fleet of prime movers, trailers and machinery that can be utilised on multiple projects.

We have recently completed a 50k optical fibre network for Ergon and have completed numerous projects for Telstra throughout Queensland, Northern Territory, Northern NSW and South Australia. We installed a new 375mm poly water line under the Normanton River (approx. 530 metres long) for the Carpentaria Shire Council. This project was environmentally sensitive and had a very positive write up in the media, with the council receiving an engineering award when it was commissioned.

By Ken Wilder

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