JR & LM  Trackson Pty.Ltd  (Trackson) was created to satisfy dedicated needs for horizontal drilling in the Communications Industry.

The Trackson Company is proud to offer excellent services for underground installation for local Councils, government departments and various companies.

The installations provided are for different destinations, such as communication infrastructure and utilities like water, gas and electricity. We take pride into being a top company in this field which provides outstanding quality services while performing at high safety standards.

Our 45 employees are trained and capable of performing a variety of installation tasks, from small domestic usage to main pipe lines for long distance, both in residential and country areas. Our specialists are qualified to use VibRough plough technology, which is suitable for water pipes, optic fibre and copper pipes, and which allows us to take cables over long distances.

We have a complete range of machinery, as well as qualified and experienced personnel for operating them. It includes excavators, directional drill rigs, dozers and environment friendly waste disposal units.

JR & LM Trackson Pty Ltd has the capability to perform the following tasks:
  • Horizontal Drilling
  • Vacuum Excavations
  • Optical Fibre Cable Hauling
  • Optical Fibre Jointing
  • Copper Cable Hauling
  • Copper Cable Jointing
  • Cable Ploughing
  • Cable Locations
  • Direct Burial of Optical Fibre at zero tension
  • Pit and Pipe Construction
  • Pit and Pipe Relocation
  • Manhole Construction (Brick and Prefabricated)
  • Repair and Maintenance of Telstra Network
  • Interruption Cable and Permanent Repair
  • Telephone Installation
  • Pre-Provisioning of Buildings under Construction
  • Network Design
  • Water Mains Installations
  • Sewer Pipes Installations
  • Electrical Pipes Installation

Safety and continuous development of our staff are important to us, so we currently employ highly qualified Foremen and Quality Assurance and Occupational Health and Safety officer as well as a Training officer.

Their main role is to supervise the activity and make sure that all the unexpected problems get a quick and efficient solution. We also have accredited employees for performing cable jointing and rearrangements in Telstra network.

We are also able to take away cartage of asbestos and transport prescribed waste since we have EPA permits for this.